Tom Brady stirred the social media pot a bit on Monday afternoon. Bleacher Report released a snippet from The Shop on HBO where Brady mentions part of his free agency process last off-season. He was taken aback by a certain team, but no one is certain about which team it was. Could it have been the Tennessee Titans?

Brady didn’t mince words, but he also didn’t specifically call out the team or player. Plus, the clip gives people little context of the discussion. Nonetheless, it has caused plenty of speculation as people try to figure out the specifics.

The Titans were consistently rumored as a possible location for him, but nothing ever really became concrete. What about Denver? The Broncos had a solid defense with a young, unproven Quarterback in Drew Lock. An improvement like Brady could have been crucial. Maybe New Orleans? After his signing, some reports said that the Saints had interest until Drew Brees decided to play one more year.

Last but not least, what about the 49ers? This one may make the most sense because San Francisco was certainly in the running for Brady. Although, they ultimately decided to roll with Jimmy Garoppolo. They may be regretting the right about now.

The idea that Brady could have been referring to Ryan Tannehill and the Titans is intriguing. I don’t think that was the case, though. Tannehill was coming off of a very good 2019 campaign with Tennessee, and the team was confident in his abilities going forward. I don’t believe the Titans were deep enough in the running for Brady that he would have made these comments about them. Brady visited Nashville during the process, but that doesn’t mean they were a finalist for him by the end. Also, there wouldn’t be too much of a reason for hostility from Brady towards Tennessee or Tannehill.

Not to mention, The Titans’ front office never wavered about their confidence in their QB. The same cannot be said for San Francisco.

On the other hand, the Niners showed interest in Brady. The interest rumoredly slowed towards the end of the process. That’s what most reports say, at least. So, did Brady take that personally as another team looking at Jimmy G as his successor/alternative? Bill Belichick and New England already did that once, but Tom outlasted Jimmy there as well.

Speculation also swirled during that time because of location. “Heading out West” was mentioned as a big factor in Brady’s decision. Although, he did end up in Tampa. Was that because San Fran did not do enough to sway him? That is also possible.

Some even said San Francisco was at the top of his list of destinations due to his fandom as a kid. Heck, 49ers GM John Lynch and Head Coach Kyle Shanahan even told Garoppolo when they were inquiring about Brady as a free agent.

Brady specifically noted that the team was not interested at the end. Like I said, that fits the 49ers’ billing. It also eliminates teams like the Chargers or Colts. The Titans are a possibility, but I would lean towards San Francisco. The fact that Jimmy Garoppolo was also involved in the team’s decision only makes the concept juicier.

Regardless of who he was roasting, Brady got the last laugh.


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