Social media erupted earlier this week when Tennessee Titans WR coach Rob Moore confirmed speculation surrounding rookie WR Treylon Burks. He has asthma. The fanbase for the Titans sounded the alarms, and some chaos commenced. Alas, former NFL Head Coach Dave McGinnis does not believe it is a big issue at all. He discussed Burks’ asthma situation on Tuesday with Mickey Ryan and Blaine Bishop on 104.5 the Zone.

Check out the full discussion below.

McGinnis mentions that he coached guys with asthma during his time in the league. He explains how the Titans are managing the situation during practices. Additionally, McGinnis illustrates how many of these early practices during OTAs are conditioning practices. The workouts are built to push guys to their limits when it comes to conditioning and physical makeup.

The former HC says, “this doesn’t move the needle for me,” in regards to the outlook in the NFL for Burks. He, like many others, preaches patience about the situation because it will improve. Burks will adjust for the Titans. He also mentions that the medical reports from the NFL Combine give this information to every team in the league. The breakdowns are very extensive for every prospect. The Titans were aware of this and understand the adaptations necessary for Burks and their work with him.

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