The first NFL action for Tennessee Titans rookie QB Malik Willis was a mixed bag of peaks and valleys. That was always the outlook for the former Liberty quarterback. In last night’s preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens, Willis made a few exciting, splash plays that had Titans fans quite excited across social media. On the flip-side, Willis had a few rookie bumps show up throughout his night.

After the game, Titans head coach Mike Vrabel pointed out that the coaching staff wanted Willis to throw the ball more often. They wanted to see the rookie read his progressions more efficiently and take more chances through the air. In essence, they wanted him to trust his arm a bit more often.

Some pieces of film from Willis’ performance last night agree with Vrabel and co. 

Willis seemed to give up on his progressions a little too soon for the offensive staff’s liking. He was pulling the ball down and scrambling when he had some open options if he kept his head up. Again, he is a rookie, and this is nothing new for many rookie quarterbacks. Context that showed his slip-ups are helpful, though.

When it comes to Willis, his insane athleticism will be an important piece of his game if he does become a starting QB in the NFL. That being said, being too quick to give up on passing options can be quite the kryptonite for mobile QBs. Titans fans learned about that with Marcus Mariota.

Vrabel had some positive remarks regarding Willis’ performance, too. It was not all negative, nor should it have been because he did show flashes. His touchdown scramble and deep pass to Racey McMath stand out the most.

The Titans head coach is clearly confident that Willis can continue to develop. It will be a process, but the upside is certainly uplifting.

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