Unsurprisingly, the SEC is the biggest bearer of talent when it comes to the NFL Draft. For the Tennessee Titans, that has been as clear as ever over the past few years. Dating back to 2016, a plethora of their top talent that remains with the team played college ball in the SEC.

2016 – Derrick Henry

Six years ago, the Titans nabbed the Alabama running back in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. They also had two other second-round selections, Kevin Dodd and Austin Johnson. Neither of them came from the SEC or panned out as long-term starters. I don’t even have to go into the impact that Henry has had since he was selected by the Titans. He has set countless records and is one of the most daunting physical talents that the league has ever seen.

2018 – Rashaan Evans

Although Evans hasn’t quite lived up to some expectations, he has remained a consistent piece of the Tennessee defense since his arrival. The Titans only had four selections in that draft, and luckily, their second pick was Harold Landry.

2019 – Jeffery Simmons & A.J. Brown

The Titans struck gold in 2019. That gold came from the SEC early in the draft, but their class is impressive throughout. Guard Nate Davis and Safety Amani Hooker were mid-round picks. LB David Long was a 6th-round selection.

Simmons and Brown, both from SEC schools in Mississippi headline the class. The Titans took a chance on Mississippi State’s Jeffery Simmons, who was coming off of an ACL injury. He is now one of the best young defensive linemen in the NFL. Brown, one of the highly-acclaimed wide receiver prospects coming out of Ole Miss that year, has blossomed into a great target for the Titans. Both players will probably get quite the offer on an extension soon as well.

2020 – Kristian Fulton

The 2020 NFL Draft class for the Titans is one that many of their fans would like to forget. They completely whiffed on their first-round pick, Isaiah Wilson. Alas, they bounced back in round two with the selection of LSU DB Kristian Fulton. Fulton has developed nicely into a solid cornerback for Tennessee. He’s now one of the pieces in the secondary that the Titans rely on most. Outside of him, they have gotten little production from the rest of that class.

The Titans may look back to the SEC early in the draft in 2022. It has worked out well for them in many cases on the first couple of days of the draft in recent years.

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