The Tennessee Titans had a flurry of unfortunate events on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The first quarter was close, but that changed quickly.

The Titans lost rookie wide receiver Treylon Burks in the first half after a touchdown catch. The offense sputtered, and the defense just couldn’t slow down Philadelphia enough.

Burks has been referred to as the “A.J. Brown replacement” all season. Everyone knows the story about the Titans trading Brown and drafting Burks during this past NFL Draft.

Whether you agree with the replacement narrative or not, one thing is clear. A.J. Brown is probably not replaceable by one receiver.

Today, he proved that he is one of the elite wideouts in the NFL once again. Brown caught eight passes for 119 yards and two touchdowns.

After the game, there was plenty of discussion about his performance against the Titans.

Titans’ star safety Kevin Byard was asked about it, and his response was quite meaningful. 

Byard was completely right with his comments, too. His frustration made plenty of sense, even if he was happy for his friend.

Overall, the defense did not perform well at all against the Eagles’ passing game.

Jalen Hurts made lots of impressive throws, and the Titans had no answer. Devonta Smith had 5 catches for 102 yards and a TD as well.

That’s 221 yards from those two Eagles wideouts. For the Titans, their wide receivers totaled just 41 receiving yards.

They missed A.J. Brown, and that was clear.

Regardless though, the Titans just could not play their game against the Eagles. The running game never got going, and the early deficit doomed them.

The defense needs to bounce back, and the offense has to find more ways to succeed going forward if the Titans want to make noise in the playoffs.

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