The NFL Playoffs are set to begin on Saturday and each fanbase of the remaining 14 teams is still clinging onto their Super Bowl aspirations. While everybody awaits the madness of Super Wildcard Weekend, there are some in the NFL realm who have resorted to statistics, percentages, and end of the regular season rankings to treat their crippling football anxiety. The Tennessee Titans and its fanbase are no different.

The Titans are the lone team in the AFC who have been awarded a bye week for finishing atop the conference in the regular season. Fans of the team can breathe easy for one more week until it’s time to strap on the pads for the AFC Divisional Round. This is a clear advantage that can only strengthen Tennessee’s chances to make a deep run in the postseason. But hardly anybody outside the state of Tennessee is picking the Titans to win the AFC, much less the Super Bowl.

The talking heads around the NFL have used these aforementioned statistics in an attempt to discredit what Titans head coach Mike Vrabel and his team were able to accomplish in the regular season.

But, wait. While the hot take national media has been quick to count out the Titans on numerous occasions this season, it appears that some computer models have a different stance on the team.

According to ESPN’s NFL Football Power Index (FPI), the Titans are represented in three of the ten most likely Super Bowl matchups. The Titans, along with the Kansas City Chiefs, are tied at the top of the model to meet the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl LVI.

While it means virtually nothing, this has to be a tiny sliver of affirmation for Titans fans who have been subject to those on the outside casting doubt over this team for the vast majority of the season.

Featured image courtesy of Christopher Hanewinc – USA TODAY Sports