The Tennessee Titans added two players in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft, selecting WR Dez Fitzpatrick and OLB Rashad Weaver.

They took Fitzpatrick, a product of Louisville, with pick No. 109, which they acquired by trading up with the Panthers.

Fitzpatrick was a four-year starter at Lousiville and amassed 21 touchdowns and nearly 2,600 yards during his career. He primarily played on the outside, though he did spend some time in the slot as a redshirt freshman in 2017.

He also got some reps in the slot at the Senior Bowl, where the Titans grew to love his versatility and frame.

“They said they were really impressed that I can play inside and outside,” Fitzpatrick said after the Titans drafted him.

To get the 109th pick, the Titans gave up pick No. 126 along with a fifth rounder and a sixth rounder.

Fitzpatrick’s ability to play on the inside and outside should be a big help for the Titans’ offense in 2021 and beyond. With WR A.J. Brown likely stepping into a much bigger role, the Titans need to be able to move him all around the formation, including where he primarily played at Ole Miss—the slot.

To do that, the Titans will need at least one other receiver who can play both inside and outside. Fitzpatrick should give them that.

With their second fourth-round pick, the Titans selected Weaver, an edge pass rusher from Pittsburgh.

Weaver was a three-year starter for Pittsburgh, missing his redshirt junior season with a torn ACL. He produced at a high level in 2020, recording 7.5 sacks and 14.5 tackles for a loss in just nine games.

Though Weaver played entirely on the edge in college, he did take some reps as an inside rusher at the Senior Bowl.

For the Titans, though, he figures to primarily line up at outside linebacker, a position of need for the team heading into the 2021 draft.

The Titans’ starters at outside linebacker, Harold Landry and Bud Dupree, are both talented players. However, both have played entirely too many snaps over the last couple of seasons (Landry for the Titans, Dupree for the Steelers) and need a lighter workload in 2021.

To give Landry and Dupree some time to breathe during games, the Titans have to be able to put a good player on the field when they come off. That’s a luxury the team didn’t have in 2020.

Weaver could give them that luxury in 2021.

  • Fitzpatrick image: Matt Stone/Courier Journal
  • Weaver: Charles LeClaire/USA Today