Veteran Tennessee Titans Quarterback Ryan Tannehill caught unnecessary flak earlier in the off-season for his comments about mentoring rookie QB Malik Willis. Now, a new mic’d up moment from practice helps to prove that their relationship is a good one.

 The video shows Tannehill commending Willis on an impressive throw as well as the two bantering about a “belly slap”. Tannehill even has a nickname for Willis already. He asks the rookie QB to go work out with him after practice towards the end of the video, too.

It is content that Titans fans certainly want to see. Not to mention, the video includes a cool moment between Tannehill and rookie TE Chig Okonkwo. Okonkwo makes a great catch on an impressive throw from Tannehill, and they celebrate it. There’s no doubt he is working well with the young guys.

It’s a look into how Tannehill supports Willis, too. There’s zero toxicity, and there never was. Tannehill simply knows that he has a job at the forefront of his career, and that job is to be the Titans current QB. That QB position must have his focus on winning a Super Bowl this season. He has to look out for himself, but that never meant that he wouldn’t help or root on Willis as he tries to be the future for the Titans at QB.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports