After the Tennessee Titans were eliminated from the playoffs, discussion swirled around quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Can he lead the team to the promised land in the future? Where does he stack up with the rest of the AFC at his position? Is it possible that the Titans could find his future replacement in this year’s draft?

All of those questions are valid, and only time will give us the answers to them. As for this year’s QB draft class, it is not the strongest at the top. There is no “generational” level prospect. There is still some interesting and very unique talent in the QB class, though. A couple of different quarterbacks may be on the board when the Titans select in the first round that could catch their eye.

Malik Willis, Liberty

Willis caught a lot of eyes at this week’s Senior Bowl. That should come as no surprise, though. His tools (arm strength, mobility, etc.) are very impressive, even if he is a bit of a ball of clay as of right now. The talent is polarizing, regardless. In the right situation, he could be very successful in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers are rumored to be very interested in Willis, and they could even trade up to try their best to secure him in the draft. It is still early, and much of that is speculation right now.

If the Titans decide that they want to take the gamble on his elite athletic profile, then he could be on the table in the first round. Tennessee would probably need to make a move up for him, though. Selecting Willis would definitely be a “long move” for the Titans as he would need time to develop, and Ryan Tannehill would start next season as the team’s starter.

Carson Strong, Nevada

Nevada’s Carson Strong is a much different QB than Willis. He doesn’t have quite the physical traits of the Liberty quarterback, but his skillset is still intriguing. He has nice polish to his game, and he showed on tape that he can make almost any throw that was asked of him. There are possible medical concerns with his knee, but it is still early for much in-depth information on that. He reportedly did not have a brace on for Senior Bowl practices this week.

Strong is the best QB in the class before the snap. He had a lot of responsibility for pass protection changes in Nevada’s air raid offense. At 6’4″, he commands the pocket well and has average mobility for his size. Strong won’t be a scrambler at the next level, but he does have the legs to get out of trouble in a lot of situations. With the threat of play-action with Derrick Henry, Strong’s accuracy downfield could work really well in Tennessee if he becomes a Titan. Built similarly to Tannehill, Strong could benefit from time behind the current Titans quarterback as well.

In all likelihood, Ryan Tannehill will be the starter for the Titans at the beginning of next season. Outside of a trade for a star QB, he is probably Tennessee’s best chance to win next season. Malik Willis and Carson Strong are both prospects to keep an eye on as the 2022 NFL Draft approaches, though.

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