Atlanta Falcons All-Pro receiver Julio Jones could be on the trade block, and the Tennessee Titans may be interested.

Well-connected NFL columnist Peter King wrote on Monday that he wouldn’t be surprised if the Falcons trade Jones before the 2021 season, and he listed the Titans as a potential suitor.

Trading for Jones would make a lot of sense for the Titans for three main reasons.

1. His age isn’t a major concern.

Jones will be 32 when the 2021 season starts, but teams interested in trading for him shouldn’t get too caught up in that number.

Throughout his career, Jones has always been a truly elite player with extraordinarily rare physical attributes. He’s been incredibly dominant for over a decade, and he proved when healthy in 2020 that he has plenty of gas left in the tank.

When you’re a player of that caliber, you have a lot of room to fall before you become ineffective.

In other words, because Jones started his career as such an elite player and unique physical specimen, even if he regresses with age, he’ll still be a Pro Bowl talent.

Jones joining a new team could wind up yielding similar results to when Randy Moss joined the Patriots at age 30 in 2007.

2. It wouldn’t take much to get him.

In King’s column where he speculated that Jones may be on the move, he mentioned that a 2022 second-round pick could be enough to get the job done for an interested team.

“A future second-round pick as compensation seems fair to me,” he wrote.

Because the Falcons’ primary motivation for trading Jones would be clearing up cap space, they’d need to wait until June to make the trade official. As a result, 2020 draft picks are out of the question for a potential trade.

Even at his age, a second-round pick is a small price to pay for someone of Jones’ caliber, especially since the Titans have proven to be consistent winners and typically pick in the second half of each round.

3. The Titans desperately need a talented wide receiver.

The Titans’ current crop of wide receivers, outside of A.J. Brown, is vastly underwhelming.

Josh Reynolds offers some potential, but he’s never been anything more than a complementary player during his time with the Rams from 2017-2020. Behind him, the Titans have only practice-squad-level players like Cameron Batson and Nick Westbrook-Ikhine.

Suffice to say: the Titans really need a boost at the receiver position.

Jones, a future Pro Football Hall of Famer, would give them that and more.

After losing WR Corey Davis, TE Jonnu Smith and offensive coordinator during the offseason, the Titans could use a veteran like Jones to help QB Ryan Tannehill continue playing at a high level.

Cover image: USA Today/Jeffrey Becker