NFL players typically love to rep their alma mater every chance they get.

That’s why it was a bit surprising when Tennessee Titans rookie wide receiver AJ Brown, who played at Ole Miss, was spotted wearing an Oklahoma jersey after his team’s 22-17 loss to the New England Patriots on Saturday night.

It wasn’t just a random Oklahoma jersey that Brown was wearing, either. It was a Jalen Hurts jersey — you know, his former SEC West rival.

Brown and Hurts played against each other from 2016-2018. Hurts’ Alabama squad won all three matchups.

The relationship between Brown and Hurts apparently goes back a ways.

Here they are hanging out at the Mississippi high school state championship game a couple of years ago.

Brown actually called Alabama his “top school” during his recruitment, before eventually signing with Ole Miss.

Ole Miss fans, like most SEC fans, are incredibly passionate. So I’m sure some of them will be disappointed to see Brown repping the Sooners instead of the Rebels.

I believe, however, that this is a great example of the relationships that are made between players early in their football careers (via recruiting visits, camps etc). Just because players end up at different programs, doesn’t mean those relationships end.

Brown and Hurts are clearly close friends. It’s refreshing to see Brown rooting for Hurts’ success at Oklahoma.

Of course, it probably helps that Ole Miss doesn’t play Oklahoma in 2019.

Featured image via The Tennessean