Though receiver Corey Davis figures to remain the focal point of the passing game, the Tennessee Titans have added a few targets to the fold this offseason. Davis is a fan of his new teammates.

“I feel like it’s going to help us out a lot, obviously,” Davis said. “We’ve got some weapons coming back from injury and we added a few weapons like A.J. [Brown] and a few other players. Like I said, I’m excited to get to work with these guys.

“We’ve got some weapons, and I know these dudes are going to go to work every single day. We added [Adam Humphries] he’s a great compliment to the room. I’m looking forward to this season.”

The new additions to the Titans’ receiving corps should help Davis in a number of ways. A.J. Brown and Adam Humphries’ presence will take defenses’ attention away from Davis.

Additionally, the new players will give Davis a couple of extra pairs of eyes when it comes to making himself a better player.

“They see things that I don’t see,” Davis said, “they’ll coach me out on the field—we’re already doing that. [Humphries] will see something that he notices in my game and he’ll correct it, and vice versa. So, a lot of these things is just us helping each other out, trying to get better.”

After missing a big chunk of his rookie season due to injury, Davis became a legitimate threat in the passing game during his second year. He started all 16 games for the Titans in 2018 and came through for the team in several big moments—he scored game-winning touchdowns on two separate occasions.

“The game just kind of slowed down as I got more reps my rookie year,” Davis said. “I played like half a season, so I couldn’t really catch a groove. But last year I kind of caught a rhythm and I could go out there and be confident, play fast. Hopefully this year it slows down a lot more and I can keep working on my game.”

There are still, however, plenty of steps left for Davis to take. He came up short of the 1,000-yard benchmark last season, and he needs to be able to produce more consistently from week to week.

Davis believes the key to taking that leap is improving every aspect of his game. “Obviously, you want to get better at every aspect of the game. Playing faster, being healthy, obviously, so I can go out there and help the team out. Every aspect I feel like I want to get better at. Hands, routes, quickness, releases. That’s a lot of the things I’ve been working on this offseason and will continue to work on.”

Something that should help Davis in his efforts to improve is the fact that he won’t have to learn a new offense, something he has already had to do twice in his young career. With the Titans deciding to promote from in-house to fill their offensive coordinator vacancy, much of the team’s terminology on offense will remain the same.

The biggest benefit that the offense will reap from Arthur Smith being named offensive coordinator, according to Davis, is the ability to play fast. “Guys can just go out there and play…We’re not really changing much in the offense,” Davis said. “[Smith] is real smart. He knows the game really well, he sees the defense, and he understands the game like no one I’ve ever known. Like I said, I’m excited to work with these guys, and I know all the other players are too.”

Health will also be a big factor in whether Davis will be able to take the next step in 2019. Though he played in every game last season, he missed or was limited in a handful of practices, all of which came with a “hamstring” designation.

Davis had nagging hamstring problems as a rookie, and he has worked this offseason to ensure that they are a thing of the past.

“Just a lot of preventative things just to make sure I’m not really battling it during the season,” Davis said when asked of his offseason conditioning regimen. “Just a ‘prehab’ kind of thing. I trained out in Arizona, had a good doctor out there, and he helped me out a lot. Just got to stay healthy and keep balling.”

Cover image: USA Today/Shanna Lockwood