The Tennessee Titans lost Derrick Henry back on Halloween due to a foot injury. At the time, many believed that the injury would be season-ending. As we all know, Henry doesn’t really abide by normal “human” logistics when it comes to the physical. He is an anomaly, a special player and exactly what the Titans need to return on offense.

According to a new report, he is set to be back just in time for a playoff run.

If this is the case, throw the Titans right back into the Super Bowl discussion. They have waded the waters without one of the top running backs in the game, so getting a fresh version of him back to kick off the postseason could really set them apart from other contenders.

Regardless, the Titans just cannot afford to rush him back. Take care of business either this week against the Dolphins or next week against the Texans (or both), and head into the playoffs at full throttle. With Derrick Henry at the helm of it.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports