Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry had an impressive 2,000-yard season in 2020.

Henry rushed for 2,027 yards for the Titans, becoming the 8th running back in NFL history to accomplish that feat.

Regression or a “down season” for Henry after that historic campaign seems to be a big fear. The fact is every running back to rush over 2,000-yards heavily regressed the following season.

Even CBS Sports posted about it on their Instagram, asking if Henry will “buck the trend” or is he due for a “massive drop-off.” But, what does one expect from a 2,000-yard rusher in his follow-up season?

You certainly shouldn’t expect a running back to do it twice in a row, considering how rare it is. All but one 2,000-yard rusher followed up their historic season with a 1,000-yard season. Only one did not, and it was Terrell Davis, who only played in four games.

Eric Dickerson rushed for 2,105 yards in 1984, then followed up with a 1,234-yard season. Adrian Peterson had 2,097 yards in 2012, then 1,266 in 2013.

Jamal Lewis rushed for 2,066 yards in 2003 and 1,006 in 2004. And former Tennessee Titans back, Chris Johnson, followed up his 2,006-yard campaign in 2009 with 1,364 yards in 2010 – a 642-yard drop-off.

You get the point. Yes, those are significant drop-offs, but they are still 1,000-yard seasons.

I suppose when a player rushes for 2,000 yards, the bar is set higher for their next campaign. But, being realistic, they are due for regression.

It takes an incredible season to rush for 2,000 yards. Just think of how many 200-yard games Henry had to have to get to that point. So to repeat that would take herculean efforts and a lot of luck.

Tennessee Titans star Derrick Henry is built differently. He prepares in the offseason like no other player we’ve seen. He is a tank, and if anyone can repeat a 2,000-yard season, it is him.

However, the question shouldn’t be if Henry will have a drop-off. Because he inevitably will. The question is if the Tennessee Titans superstar can remain the best running back in the NFL.

Featured image by Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports