It was halftime. The score was 24-9, and hope was dwindling for the Tennessee Titans. Fans were losing their mind. National talking heads were sounding alarms. The players just weren’t getting it done. Then, all of a sudden, they did. The Titans stormed back in the second half to a victory, overcoming multiple questionable calls from the referees throughout the game. They showed their resilience and blindsided the Seattle Seahawks.

Making History

With the win, the Titans did something to Seattle that the previous 52 foes failed to do in their position.

You would think in all of the weird and funky games that Seattle has been a part of over the years that this would have occurred before. Somehow, it hadn’t. Tennessee got to do the honors on the backs of Derrick Henry and Kristian Fulton.

Fulton blanketed D.K. Metcalf all day long. Tyler Locket and other Seattle receivers had some big plays, but limiting their other top target seemed to inhibit the offense a bit, especially in the second half. Henry did “King” things and took over the game in the last frame to give Randy Bullock a shot in overtime to seal it. He did just that.

Between last year and the start of this season, the Titans are beginning to have an identity.  That “comeback” identity is not ideal for wins, but it certainly makes every week more interesting. Mike Vrabel’s team continues to dig themselves a hole, but they continue to escape it more often than not. In Week 2, they willed themselves to a win against a competitive Seattle team and avoided the dreaded 0-2 start to the season.

The Trend?

Luke Worsham broke down exactly why it is both a positive and a negative that the Titans have this sort of “comeback habit.” Check that out here.

Tennessee Titans: Titans Proved They’re a Lot Like Last Year’s Team in Win vs. Seahawks

Going forward, many would hope that the coaching and play of the team starts to prevent these crazy fourth quarters from being necessary. At this point, it is a blueprint of the team currently. They’ll have to figure out the correct adjustments to change that if they want to play with the elite of the elite in the AFC or in the NFL in totality.

Regardless, they did cement their name in a little footnote of Seahawks history with the improbable comeback this past Sunday.


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