Imagine that I told you before this year’s NFL Draft that the Titans would have too much Wide Receiver depth entering the pre-season. You would’ve called me an idiot. That’s the case currently, though. Of course, the team went out and got Julio Jones from the Atlanta Falcons. Before that, they signed Josh Reynolds in free agency. He was projected by many to be the WR2 until Jones came along.

Firstly, let’s take a trip back in time. Flash back to draft weekend. Many Titans fans were extremely alarmed that Tennessee did not address WR until the fourth round with Dez Fitzpatrick. The depth chart at receiver looked thin, and Reynolds was slotted to have a role that he never had before.

Now, flash back forward to right now. Julio Jones is a Titan, new veterans are making plays, and Fitzpatrick may be the WR6 or WR7 on the most commonly projected depth chart at this point. It is fathomable, albeit very unlikely, that he doesn’t survive roster cuts. As of now, his 4th-round selection is seemingly what may help him keep his spot the most.

How is it possible that so much has changed in terms of WR depth?

Remember that Reynolds wasn’t their only WR move in free agency. The other signings are making the biggest difference in terms of depth so far in camp.

A couple of weeks into training camp, veterans Chester Rogers and Marcus Johnson are making strong pushes to be roster locks. Their expanded opportunity has shown that they can be valuable assets on offense and special teams. This has thrown a bit of wrench into what many Titans fans thought of the receivers – in a good way. It’s possible that this isn’t even what the team’s front office and coaching staff expected either.

There have been many gleaming reports about the two so far during camp practices. They both provide special teams experience as well, unlike Fitzpatrick right now. There’s more time for Fitzpatrick to get plenty more reps still, so only time will tell.

Another rookie, Racey McMath, has made some headlines as well. He’s been dynamic on offense at times during camp, and he provides a lot of special teams upside due to his impressive athleticism.

Accordingly, Fitzpatrick and Nick Westbrook-Ikhine could be battling for the team’s final WR spot. A 4th-round investment is pretty hefty to move on from immediately, though, so Fitzpatrick has the edge there for sure. It will be interesting to see what the team decides on that front.

Regardless, keep this in mind. These surprising veteran performances are a good thing for the Titans and their fans, overall. You would much rather have a plethora of proven talent than a lack of it, especially at a skill position.

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