Trading for Julio Jones has given the Tennessee Titans one of the most lethal Wide Receiver combos in the NFL. Now, remember the fact that they have the best power Running Back in the league as well as a top 10 Quarterback. It’s pretty easy to get excited about the heights that their offense can reach this season and beyond. ESPN showed major respect to Jones and A.J. Brown earlier today.

They just released their Top WR Rankings for 2021, and both guys grabbed a spot. The two stud pass-catchers will play a big role in Tennessee’s wins this season. They will be vital to any playoff success that the Titans hope to have as well.

Julio landed at the #5 spot on the list, four spots behind his 2020 ranking. Yes, that does mean he was #1 before last season. Brown snuck into the final top spot at #10. He wasn’t on this list entering 2020, but he deserves it after his impressive ascend last year.

Jones’ small slide is probably mostly due to his injury issues last season and his age. Regardless of ailments, he was still productive this past year and is still the athletic freak that he has been his entire career.

The combo of him and Brown has some of the most intriguing downfield upside of any tandem I can ever remember in the league. They’re both just so explosive, and defenses have to account for that.

One of the voters had Jones all the way down at #13 on these rankings. Recency bias certainly played a big role in that one, in my opinion. He’s still one of the most athletically gifted and most technically refined receivers in the game today. Most of the voters agreed on that though, it seems.

As for A.J., his highest ranking by a voter was at #3! That slot may have involved some projecting by the voter. They clearly have a lot of faith in Brown’s continued development. The Titans and their fans would love for that to be the case by season’s end, though.

That’s probably for a good reason, though. A certain NFC executive said, “after the catch, he’s [Brown] as good as anybody.” His highlight reel makes a pretty good case for that, too.

The list notes that some voters did not have Brown ranked, but he surely wasn’t far behind whoever they did include in their top ten. That tenth spot was actually a tie between him and Atlanta Falcons WR Calvin Ridley. Brown snuck away with the advantage due to his explosiveness.

Ryan Tannehill must be a happy man to be able to throw the football to these two weapons, huh? Plus, it’ll open up even more running lanes for Derrick Henry to stiff-arm folks into the next century. Let’s see how it all unfolds for the Titans in 2021.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports