The offense of the Tennessee Titans is about to be a lot different. Now, the play calling and schemes may not concede their normalcy for the most part. That would only be necessary if massive struggles arise. Regardless, the biggest piece is missing. The Titans know it. Defenses know it. The unit is stepping into unknown territory.

That being said, how do the Titans adjust without Derrick Henry for the foreseeable future?

Mike Vrabel mentioned a running back by committee. That should be no surprise. Jeremy McNichols and Adrian Peterson will hold down the load there as of now, but it is obvious that combo will not have the same impact that arguably the most dominant running back in the NFL.

The duo that means the most to their offense going forward doesn’t involve an RB, though. It’s Ryan Tannehill and A.J. Brown. The two have been absolutely on fire as of late.

Warming Up

There is no reason to believe that production comparable to those past few weeks isn’t sustainable for Tannehill and Brown. Their deep threat connection provides so much to Todd Downing’s offense. Regardless of the running back, their ability opens up running lanes as well as other receivers in space.

Accordingly, the other receivers should benefit, too. Julio Jones will most likely get more opportunities, and Chester Rogers, Marcus Johnson, etc. could all be more involved.

By no means should the offense for the Titans turn into an air raid. Although, giving more opportunities to your best players is always the best recipe in any sport. The Titans lost their best player, but the skill position talent around him on offense is undeniable. They should take full advantage of that as much as possible.


There will be a lot more pressure on Tannehill, but he has consistently shown that he can overcome obstacles in Tennessee. His continuous comebacks and relentless effort have won fans over and rightfully so.

The Titans will need plenty of that while Henry is out, but hopefully the unit can be back to full strength for the playoffs. A heavy dose of Tannehill and his best receiver is the best way to right the ship for now, though.