The Tennessee Titans are the top seed in the AFC for the postseason. You would not know that based on the coverage by the media and the discussion among NFL fans. The Titans aren’t the flashiest. They aren’t the youngest. They don’t have the most “star” power. Regardless, they put themselves in this position and face the Cincinnati Bengals this Saturday.

So, what are the Titans?

They are a well-coached team that wins close games. That means a lot in the postseason in the NFL. When it comes to a win or loss in the playoffs, it does not have to look pretty. It’s freezing cold. Teams are banged up. Getting the victory is all that matters, and the Titans were as good as anyone in the league this year at that during the regular season.

They overcame massive obstacles regarding injuries, and they now look to be as healthy as they have been all season.

Everything seems to be looking up for the Titans, right? That really is the case. Yet, the Cincinnati Bengals continue to get a lot of the hype surrounding this Divisional Round matchup. This is no shrug to what QB Joe Burrow and the Bengals have done this season, either. It has been ridiculously impressive as well, but you would think that they are the AFC’s top seed.

Cincinnati deserves a ton of respect for the improvements they made in the off-season and throughout the season. On the flip-side, Tennessee overcame the most injuries in the NFL (including key offensive weapons) and still secured the first-round bye.

The Difference

The Titans have a mixture of talent on defense, and much of it stays below the radar. Cornerback Kristian Fulton was one of the most dynamic young CBs in the league this season. Harold Landry III continues to be a very productive presence off the edge. Safety Amani Hooker played great ball consistently beside Kevin Byard.

On offense, depth stepped up. Now, that depth can take a backseat to the star talent now that it is healthy once again. A healthy trio of Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown, and Julio Jones is terrifying for any opponent.

This talent on either side of the ball doesn’t get the national clicks, though. Making a meme out of Ryan Tannehill won’t do nearly the numbers that one of Joe Burrow will do on social media. Not to mention, the probable Offensive Rookie of the Year, Ja’Marr Chase, resides in Cincinnati. The defense for the Bengals has been a pleasant surprise for most of the season for them, too.

In totality, it is easier to make exciting headlines regarding the youthful, high-flying Bengals team. Meanwhile, the experienced, grind-steady Titans team flies under the radar as the top seed for the postseason in the AFC.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports