There is a ton of buzz surrounding the new Tennessee Titans uniforms that will be unveiled April 4th in Downtown Nashville.

The team has released two social media teaser videos making fans of the two-tone blue start to guess what they may look like.

I’ve been holding on to a piece of information for a few weeks that I received from a reliable source. I, personally, have not seen the full uniforms, but what I was told is the biggest change in the uniforms from the previous attire is the color of the helmet.

I’m told the Titans will switch from a white helmet to a navy blue helmet.

Tennessee Titans uniforms

I was not informed of the logo placement or logo size, but this is going to make the overall uniforms look very different from the ones Titans fans are used to.

It was reported at the season ticket holder event in late February that controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk said to a group of fans that the helmet and uniform would be “noticeably different”. This goes along with the information I received.

In 2015, Tennessee Titans ownership announced a new $100 million, 20-year stadium naming rights contract with Nissan. This initiated multi-million dollar stadium renovations, which included new seats, graphics and other Titans/Nissan branding mechanisms. One could assume from all the money put into plastering the Titans’ “thumbtack” logo all over Nissan Stadium and within St. Thomas Sports Park, the logo will remain the same.

As for Nike, they will have to do a really good job of separating the Titans from looking like their division rival Houston Texans. Both now will have their primary color and helmets navy blue. From the teasers that have been sent out, it looks like the Titans will differentiate themselves with light blue, red and grey accents within the uniforms.

The other piece of information I was told was that the team’s NFL “color rush” uniform would NOT be red. There were a lot of fan renderings swirling out in the depths of the internet that had red as the primary color. That is incorrect.