In a surprising move, the Houston Texans sent LB Zach Cunningham to waivers on Wednesday.

Despite some connections to the Tennessee Titans‘ coaching staff, and some significant compliments head coach Mike Vrabel showered on him in 2020, Cunningham isn’t going to end up with the Titans.

There are three main reasons why that’s the case.

1. The waiver positioning

At 8-4, the Titans are pretty low in the NFL’s waiver priority, which is ordered based on record with the worst teams at the top.

Cunningham, the NFL’s 2020 leader in tackles, would have to make it past at least 20 teams for the Titans to have a shot at him.

Based on a report from ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, that seems highly unlikely.

2. The depth

Cunningham probably wouldn’t start for the Titans, thanks to the presence of veterans Jayon Brown and Rashaan Evans.

While Cunningham is definitely better than Evans, it would take him some time to get up to speed on the Titans’ defense and, as a result, the team would likely prefer Evans until Cunningham gained comfort.

Even then, LB David Long is likely getting closer to a return, in which case Cunningham would still be bumped to the bench.

Cunningham probably wouldn’t play a whole lot for the Titans.

3. The money

Cunningham recently signed a four-year, $58 million contract extension with the Texans.

That’s not a financial commitment the Titans are likely to make, even if the guaranteed money remaining is low.

Cuningham is a good player, and he’ll help whichever team claims him, but the Titans won’t be that team in all likelihood.

Cover image: Troy Taormina/USA Today