The Tennessee Titans put a bow on the Week 9 madness with a thorough beatdown of the Los Angeles Rams. The defense played out of their mind, and the offense was effective enough to keep the Rams down multiple scores for most of the game. Going forward, it is interesting to look at the Titans’ schedule as it relates to the top seed in the AFC.

They’re on a five-game winning streak. Three of those wins came against perceived “juggernauts” of the NFL in the Bills, Chiefs, and Rams. The Titans are the juggernaut of the AFC now.

Just in time, they’re hitting the easier half of their schedule.

For the rest of the season, they will face only three teams that have a winning record currently. The Titans still have two dates with the Houston Texans and one with the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC South. That’s always helpful.

Not to mention, they have a later bye than most teams. That will give them some really useful rest before they finish out the season.

Looking Ahead

Now, there are bound to be some blips on the radar. That’s just football, especially in the NFL. This past Sunday was no better example of that. The outlook is about as good as any Titans fan could imagine, though.

Tennessee cannot overlook anyone in any case because every game counts. You don’t want the difference between getting the top seed and not being a loss to a bad team. The loss to the Jets means less after they have rattled off such an impressive winning streak.

The Rest of the AFC

The AFC West will cannibalize itself in some ways as all four teams have a winning record currently, and the AFC North is in a similar boat. The Ravens, Browns, and Steelers all have a shot for that division crown. A challenger from one of those two divisions for the conference title is unlikely.

The Bills may be the biggest competition for the top seed in the AFC, but the Titans own the tiebreaker there as well.

So, the path is clear. The Titans hold the key to their own destiny as far as playoff seeding.