No one is quite sure how the Tennessee Titans will use their two stellar running backs, Derrick Henry and free agent acquisition Dion Lewis, next season.

The Titans, for the most part, have remained mum on how they’ll split playing time between Henry and Lewis. A general “we’ll let the game dictate their usage” is about all new head coach Mike Vrabel and general manager Jon Robinson have offered.

Offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur, however, recently made some comments that might reveal what he’s planning for the Titans’ offense next season.

Appearing on the Midday 180 on Friday, LaFleur mentioned that speed is “an important part of our offense”.

LaFleur added that Lewis brings a “little bit more wiggle to us on offense, and we can get him involved in the passing game”.

It’s pretty clear that Tennessee plans on doing two things, specifically, different next season than they have in past years — getting the ball down the field more consistently and letting their running backs make plays in space.

The second half of the plan would seem to indicate that Lewis could be in for plenty of touches.

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While I think LaFleur’s offense is better suited for Lewis, I don’t think this means Henry will be relegated to a backup role.

During the same interview on Friday, LaFleur said he’s been watching film of his players in order to figure out how to put them in the best positions to succeed.

LaFleur knows Henry is a weapon for the Titans. He’s definitely going to do what he can to make sure Henry gets his fair share of opportunities to shine.

But I think the nature of LaFleur’s offense, especially since he’s a first time play caller, will make Lewis a more comfortable option on game day.

I could see Lewis getting 60 percent of the running back touches next season.

Which should be just fine with Titans fans, because he’s proved during his career he can be an explosive player with the ball in his hands.

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  1. I am excited to see our team get coached up this year. We have plenty of weapons. Last year we didn’t seem to know how to use them. Wasted potential.

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