It’s February which means one thing and one thing only in the NFL. Mock draft time. Wait, the Super Bowl is this month as well? Ah, anyway… the Tennessee Titans could go a lot of ways in the 2022 NFL Draft. Some believe they may go with a quarterback or a wide receiver in the first round to improve the offense. Could they continue to bolster the defense even further instead? Only time will tell, but here’s one scenario for their first-round selection in a mock draft for the Titans.

1st Round, Pick 26: Georgia Pickens, WR, Georgia

This pick comes with risk. That’s never stopped GM Jon Robinson before though, right? Sometimes, where there is risk there is also immense reward at stake. That is the case with Pickens.

The Reward

The Georgia product is quite possibly the top physical talent at wide receiver in this entire draft class. His fluidity and agility are elite, and he is a talented route runner as well. Pickens’ body control is impressive, and it allows him to win jump balls against bigger defensive backs. at 6’3″ and 200 pounds, he is built like a stereotypical outside receiver.

His play style also aligns with the passing offense of the Titans. The trio of Pickens, A.J. Brown, and Julio Jones would be extremely dynamic for next season. If Jones was not in Tennessee past next year, Brown and Pickens would still be a great duo for years to come. They both have great run-after-catch ability but can also win downfield. That is vital for the passing offense to improve upon in order to get Derrick Henry more involved in the postseason.

Over 24 games at UGA, Pickens had ninety catches for 1347 yards and fourteen touchdowns. He averaged fifteen yards per reception.

The Risk

Pickens suffered a torn ACL in spring practice in 2021. His rehab and recovery went about as well as possible, though. That seems to be the case more often with serious leg injuries nowadays. Pickens was back at practice in the fall and even played in four games in the 2021 season. His production was limited as Georgia eased the WR back into action. He did have a 52-yard reception against Alabama in the national championship game.

Pickens seems to be fully healthy heading into the NFL Draft. He could be on the board in the first or second round for the Titans, but his stock seems to be gaining some steam. Before his injury, many projected Pickens to be the top receiver in this impressive WR draft class. The value would certainly be there for the Titans.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports