The under has cashed for us in the last four Titans games, meaning that Tennessee is 4-1 to the under this season. Do you think we’re going to keep riding the under wave? You’re damn right we are.

This weekend in Denver, the total is set right around 39 at most books. The average total in every Denver game this season is also 39 which means the bet really rests on the Titans. Will Tennessee pull the score down or will they push it up?

If you think the Titans offense will bring the score up or that the Titans defense will allow the total to go higher, you’re crazy. The Titans average total this season is 34.8.

With all of that being said, definitely take the under.

A lot of people (especially Titans fans) are enticed by the idea of taking the Titans to win this game straight up. With the Titans being two point underdogs, the money line is paying out with plus odds for Tennessee.

Don’t do it.

Until we see any type of consistency from the Titans, I refuse to touch a spread or a money line on one of their games. There is only one thing we can rely on and that is Tennessee’s defense.

With the Titans season being a roller coaster combined with the Broncos playing at home coming off of their first win of the season, run away from the money line.

Continue to ride the under, let the defense continue to cash out for you, and run from the money line like it’s the plague!

Featured Image: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports