Harry Douglas vs Chris Harris

Titans wide receiver Harry Douglas has gotten some attention around the NFL world, but not for scoring a touchdown or making a catch.

Douglas is receiving criticism for throwing a cut block on Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. This sparked a brawl and threatening response from Bronco teammate Aqib Talib. But, Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews jumped to Douglas’ side when ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith called for his teammate to get suspended for the play.

Matthews defends Harry Douglas

I do agree with Matthew’s stance on the play. When a wide receiver blocks it’s near impossible for them to know where the ball might be. The place on the field where WRs are usually blocking is out in space. Unlike the an offensive lineman, it’s hard to predict where the flow of the play might take the running back. A wide out should never assume the play is going away from him.

The NFL has yet to respond to the play. Harris returned to the game after missing two plays for the injury scare.