NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Titans tried to upgrade their backup QB spot by signing Trevor Siemian, but the decision may prove to have come too late.

Siemian, who has struggled in practice since joining the Titans on Wednesday, has an uphill battle ahead of him as he attempts to quickly learn and become comfortable with the playbook.

“It’s been kind of chaotic, I’m just trying to catch up,” Siemian said. “For me, it’s like drinking out of a firehose.”

With just a week left of Training Camp and only a few until final roster cuts, the Titans don’t have a lot of time left to evaluate Siemian, especially considering that it could be a while before he’s got a firm grasp of the offense.

That burden, unfortunately for the Titans, was self-imposed.

Aside from drafting Cole McDonald in the seventh-round of the 2020 NFL Draft, a player they cut just one week into Training Camp, the Titans did nothing over the offseason to address their backup QB position.

Instead, they repeatedly spoke about how excited they were about having McDonald and Logan Woodside, a former AAF quarterback who’s been with the Titans for around two years, compete for the job.

It took just one week of Training Camp before that excitement was drained. Following some concerning practice performances by Woodside and McDonald, the Titans waived the latter and signed Siemian after working out both he and DeShone Kizer.

“Just trying to make decisions that feel like make us better at this time and are in the best interest of the team,” head coach Mike Vrabel said of the roster moves.

In the three Training Camp practices he’s participated in since then, Siemian has been underwhelming. He particularly struggled in Sunday’s practice, throwing an interception and multiple wobbly passes.

There’s certainly a chance that increased familiarity with the Titans’ offensive scheme and weapons—which Siemian will gain over time—will lead to the 28-year-old QB improving.

However, there’s just not a lot of time left for that to happen before the Titans will have to decide whether he deserves a spot on their final roster.

That is exactly why it was problematic for the Titans to not bring in a veteran backup earlier than they did.

The Titans have known for months that their offseason practice opportunities were going to be extremely limited, yet, at the backup QB spot, they pushed all of their chips to the center of the table on two unknown commodities.

Now, one of those players isn’t even on the team anymore and the other continually underwhelms in practices while his potential replacement is well behind everyone else on the team in terms of learning the playbook.

As seen in their recent record as a team, the Titans don’t make many poor roster choices. This, however, was one.

Whether it was Siemian or someone else, the Titans should have brought in a veteran backup QB a while ago. Because they didn’t, they’re in a tough spot with just a week left of Training Camp.

Cover image: George Walker IV/The Tennessean via pool