The hits just seem to keep coming for the offense of the Titans and their offensive coordinator, Todd Downing. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill struggled mightily in their divisional-round loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, and the play-calling is catching plenty of flak as well. The offense just seemed out of sorts for most of the game, and three interceptions from Tannehill sealed the deal in the loss.

It sounds like the second one wasn’t just on him, though. The Bengals’ defense knew what was coming from the OC and the Titans because they ran the same exact play from the same exact formation a second time.

This isn’t only an indication that Tannehill may have stared down his target, but it shows a lack of creativity from the OC. You can run a similar play to one that you ran earlier in the game. You have to change it up in some way, though. NFL defenses are going to adjust and be prepared. That type of play-calling just will not get it done with the type of video that teams are now able to use during games or during film sessions. Just cannot happen if you are Downing and the Titans in a playoff game.

It worked out about as badly as it could have, and Cincinnati was ready for it. The play call and interception only dug the hole deeper for the Titans. It will be interesting to see how the offseason unfolds for Tannehill, Downing, and company. The last showing from the Titans’ offense certainly doesn’t leave gleaming reviews for their futures in Tennessee, though.

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