Taylor Lewan

Taylor Lewan has been a frustration for many Titans fans during this three years with the franchise.

This season has been his best on the field, by far, as he ranks as one of the NFL’s top left takles. However, his personal foul penalties have put his team in bad situations.

Lewan was ejected in the first quarter against the Packers for making contact with an official. The left tackle reacted to an unnecessary hit to Marcus Mariota when Packers defensive lineman Letroy Guion jumped offsides and knocked the quarterback to the turf, which started the scuffle.

Lewan addressed situation with the media after the game and didn’t hold back how he felt about the call.

I like that Lewan was defending his QB, but obviously, the Titans need him on the field. After the game, Mariota stated that he appreciates the gesture.

Lucky for Lewan and the Titans, Dennis Kelly filled in nicely and the ejection didn’t hurt the offense from producing. Tennessee scored a season high 47 points. This does add to a long list of “bone-headed” mistakes from third year tackle. The Titans will eventually be in a situation where they would need to make a decision on Lewan with a new contract. His play has been near tops of the league. But can you trust him enough to not hurt your team with penalties to give him the money his play warrants? That’s for Jon Robinson to decide.

Personally, I think the ejection was too harsh of a penalty for the crime, as Lewan put it. I understand the need to have the rule in place to protect the referees from the players, but this is not what its intentions were for.

I, also, think referees should not be able to place their hands on players. In any situation, if a player feels hands on him, he will react to get those hands off, expecting it to come from another player. I have never heard a player once say they would intend to hurt an official. Referees need to stop placing their hands on players, because it will only end in more ejections.

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