The Tennessee Titans have been one of the best offenses in the red-zone over the last three seasons. This year, they look to be efficient in that part of the field once again. Rookie wide receiver Treylon Burks will have to be a large part of their success within the 20-yard line.

Last season at Arkansas, Burks was one of the best red-zone targets in all of college football.

His size/speed combo makes him a lethal target in the end-zone for the Titans. He consistently shows the ability to create separation in tight spaces as well as high-point the ball when given the chance to by his quarterback. Ryan Tannehill has shown the ability to do that over the past few seasons with his receivers in Tennessee.

A.J. Brown was the biggest beneficiary of that. With Brown out the door, Burks makes the most sense to be in that role most often. Newly acquired WR Robert Woods can make plays in that part of the field as well, but it is usually in different ways than Burks.

Not to mention, Burks was playing against some of the best secondaries in the country in the SEC. They’re not all NFL cornerbacks and safeties, but many teams put their best guy on Burks most of the time. He rose above them – quite literally, much of the time.

It may take some time for Burks’ game to acclimate to the NFL on a full-field basis. His success in the red-zone seems like the part of his game that could transition most quickly, and that would be vital for the Titans on offense this year.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports