Dobbs to Jones's rescue

Butch Jones blew everyone’s mind when he dropped the line about his Senior class winning the “Championship of Life”.

The full message is good. However, since Jones and Tennessee did NOT win the SEC East Championship, Butch can’t be throwing around the word “Championship” like its nothing.

Three championships matter at the University of Tennessee: the SEC East, the SEC title and the National Championship. Butch needs to drop any other championships, including specific bowl games, the Battle and Bristol and definitely the Championship of Life.

Thankfully for Butch Jones, his senior QB Josh Dobbs came to the rescue Tuesday and explained what his coach meant.

Dobbs defends Butch Jones

There’s no doubt that Jones cares about his players and that this senior class has persevered through a lot of adversity to help drag this football program out of the doldrums. Butch got himself in trouble on Monday trying to come up with another stupid moniker, because he is obsessed with giving everything a moniker in his program.