The force is strong with this one…


“The ADDY Strikes Back” from Elastic Pictures on Vimeo.

The theme for this year’s Knoxville American Advertising Awards was “The ADDY Strikes Back”. Along with JAOPRO and Auralation Music, Elastic Pictures set out to produce a title sequence to open the awards show that would lead into a live-action fight sequence on stage.

“The Empire has a strangle hold on advertising galaxy wide, and a brave band of Rebels have set out to reclaim the ADDY Awards from the clutches of the Evil Empire. The fate of advertising lies in the hands of this rebellion.”

This is a fan film made with love. May the Force be with you.

All rights belong to Disney.

Elastic Pictures, JAOPRO, and Auralation Music do not assume any copyright on any elements used in the video.