Former Tennessee Vols head coach Butch Jones doesn’t have a lot of fans in East Tennessee.

That’s what happens when you lead a storied program to its worst season ever.

But Jones still has a couple of friends. And one of them is Knoxville Catholic coach Steve Matthews, who recently discussed Butch with “Tennessee Two a Days” host Rush Probst.

Matthews mentioned that Jones bought Knoxville Catholic a jumbotron to install plays. Jones told that’s how it’s done at Alabama and it would be beneficial for Catholic.

(Jones’ family still lives in Knoxville.)

I’m sure fans will be happy to learn that some of Jones’ buyout money is going back into the Knoxville community.

Matthews also noted that Jones said he’s learned a lot from Nick Saban at Alabama and that he’d a lot of things different at Tennessee if he had it to do all over again.

From Vols Wire:

He (Jones) talked about the diet, the trainers, just how everything is done, and if he could do it again at Tennessee and everything that he could do different — and a lot of times it is just little things in the program. We talked about trainers, equipment managers, the strength coach and how they do things.

I actually think Jones could do well if he gets another head coaching job — mostly because it seems he’s learned a lot from Saban.

Jones got roasted for the way he left Tennessee in 2017. And he deserved to — he left the program in a total mess.

But Jones wasn’t as clueless as folks like to make him out, either. He clearly had somewhat of a clue — he figured out how to win nine games twice at Tennessee, something Derek Dooley couldn’t do.

Jones knew how to get talent to Tennessee. He just didn’t know what to do with it once it got there. Had Jones been comfortable enough in his own skin to hire coaches who could develop the Vols’ talent to its maximum potential, things might’ve been different in 2015 and 2016.

But he didn’t.

And that’s probably for the best. Jeremy Pruitt is a better fit at UT than Jones ever was.

Jones would be best served finding his way back to MAC country.

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