Butch Jones

Vandy outscored Tennessee 21-3 in the second half to go on to a stunning 45-34 win in Nashville Saturday night.

Butch Jones was going to have to answer to a lot of hard questions to the media. How did his defense give up a career night to a struggling Vandy QB? Why couldn’t his defense find a way to stop the Commodores on 3rd and long? Why did he decide against kicking a field goal with 1:37 left to make it a one TD game? What does this loss mean for the future of the program?

These questions mostly went unanswered.

Butch Jones knows he pulled a fast one on the media. After games, there is a “cool off period” for players and coaches. This also gives media members time to post quick game stories before they head down to hear from coaches and players. Jones knew by blowing through the cool off period he would avoid the majority of the Tennessee media.

I don’t care what the excuse is for why it happened. Butch Jones knows how to conduct a post game press conference after a loss. He’s had plenty of experience doing it at Tennessee.

I’ve seen some media members say there were only about four people in the press room who asked questions, and at the first sign of silence UT media relations whisked Jones away. Even so, this is an incredibly weak move by Jones.

His players, the actual leaders of the program, rose to the occasion and answered the tough questions. QB Josh Dobbs, defensive end Derek Barnett, lineman Brett Kendrick, and wide receiver Josh Malone were some of the players who stepped up, when their coach disappeared.

Players said they were “embarrassed” by the loss. The defense giving up 608 yards to Vanderbilt was “unacceptable”. There were no excuses about injuries or cliches. It was real, truthful feelings from the players.

Jones showed who he is. He’s thin-skinned and not willing to follow his team motto of “own it”. News flash: thin-skinned coaches don’t last very long, especially in the SEC. This offseason is setting up to be a very difficult one. Jones has been exposed.

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  1. This article is ridiculous.. What was there for him to say. The same things he had said before.??? They lost, they didn’t play well, there were problems on the defensive line ? on the Offensive line?? how about “we have so many guys out injured” No mater what he said..it didn’t change the outcome.. the Vols didn’t show up to play football. they dressed the part then forgot their lines on stage!
    Whether it is due to coaching, due to the overhyped talent of the players, the mental toughness.. what ever the reason or excuse is.. perhaps he was just as disgusted with the outcome as every fan watching or the players dressed out were. Even a bowl win is not going to save this season.. its over. And his seat just got a bit warmer!

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