Vandy beats Butch again

Tennessee fans are in the dumps after another disappointing loss to Vandy. For the third time in five years, the Vols went down to the Commodores.

But, let’s find a silver lining in all of this: this loss could allow the Vols to not be forced into a long term commitment they would regret.

Vandy loss a ‘blessing in disguise’ for Tennessee

The worst thing that could’ve happened is for Butch Jones to have “failed forward” into the Sugar Bowl. His current $10 million buyout would’ve nearly doubled with another raise and extension. Jones has shown what kind of coach he is. He’s an 8-4 coach. And, while 8-4 is a place Tennessee hadn’t seen since 2007, before last year, the Vols program is much better than 8-4.

Whoever the next Athletic Director is, most think it’s David Blackburn from Chattanooga, they will have a short leash and clock ticking on Butch Jones.

Jones has done some great things for the University like fundraising, recruiting and making Tennessee a national story again. However, he’s proven he has a ceiling, and it’s not as high as Tennessee needs it to be. Jones won’t be fired this offseason, but his second loss to Vandy in four tries is the game we’ll look back on where it all turned sour.

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