The New Orleans Saints seemingly hit a gold mine in the first round in the 2022 NFL Draft. The jury is still out on offensive tackle Trevor Penning, but one thing is certain. Wide receiver Chris Olave is a darn good football player.

Coming out of Ohio State, Olave had plenty of fans around the league.

His speed and smoothness were quite clear on tape. Those traits, along with many more, have transitioned into his NFL game for the Saints.

Now, he’s cementing his name in the record books in his rookie season.

Olave has joined arguably the two top receivers in Saints’ franchise history when it comes to rookie season performances.

Keep in mind that Drew Brees was the QB for the other two star players as well. Even with subpar quarterback play at times, Olave has remained quite consistent for the Saints.

He’s becoming a fan favorite quickly.

Olave is lapping the WR competition when it comes to rookies. As of right now, The Saints’ rookie sits in the top three for odds at winning rookie of the year according to most sports books.

On a larger scale, he is producing at a very high level. His numbers are similar to A.J. Brown and CeeDee Lamb in terms of yardage.

You could argue that the Saints’ WR has performed as a top ten receiver in the NFL in his rookie season.

The part of Olive’s game that may be the most special is the mental portion, too. His instincts against coverages are much better than most other receivers at his age.

He recognizes soft spots in zones constantly in order to give his QB an open target. Against man, he knows how to put it into next gear to beat his defender quickly or deep downfield.

Olave is going to be a vital part of the Saints’ offense for years to come.

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