For the New Orleans Saints, one constant has remained on their defense through thick and thin.

Linebacker Demario Davis is the leader of the unit and one of the most underrated defenders in the entire NFL.

Davis is consistent. Demario is available. The Saints linebacker is passionate. He proved that once again this season in a massive way.

Davis was the only LB in the league to play every single snap for his team.

He didn’t miss a single one all season long. Unbelievably impressive for the veteran.

The Saints understand how valuable Davis is to their defense.

Even in his mid-30’s, he is still plenty athletic enough to make plays for their defense. His mental game is what sets him apart. Davis is truly the quarterback of their defense.

Considering a Saints defense without him at the helm is really weird nowadays because he has been so consistent for them. They say that availability is the best ability, and Demario has proven that year after year in New Orleans.

Davis doesn’t get quite as much national media buzz as some of his younger counterparts, but he deserves every bit of praise that he does get.

The Saints would be in a lot of trouble on the defensive side of the ball without his leadership and talent.

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