The New Orleans Saints cannot get out of their own way. Penalties and turnovers have ravaged the first month of their season. That being said, officiating hasn’t necessarily helped them out much either.

In their loss to the Vikings, there were a couple notable, questionable calls on the Saints.

Firstly, a phantom illegal hands to the face penalty was given to DB Tyrann Mathieu. That extended a scoring drive on a third down for Minnesota.

There was also a pass interference call on Saints’ CB Marshon Lattimore where Vikings’ WR Adam Thielen pulled his facemask. At the least, those penalties should have offset.

Regardless, there was actually another miss by the refs that hurt the Saints as well. This one was not noticed quite as much by coaches or social media.

This are the types of misses that go unnoticed more often than not. They are just as important, though.

The screen to Ingram was an early chunk play for the Saints, and it came back on the flag. On the flip-side, the Vikings did the exact same action and were rewarded with a score without penalty.

The Saints and the NFL are just looking for consistency from officiating.

They won’t make all the right calls, and that is to be expected from humans. Alas, the referees have to be better when it comes to blown calls like the ones from this game between the Saints and Vikings.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports