The New Orleans Saints fell to the Houston Texans in their fist preseason game. That being said, some performances certainly stood out. One rookie stood out the most in the entire NFL, according to Pro Football Focus.

Offensive Tackle Trevor Penning was their highest rated offensive rookie, and it wasn’t close. Penning was dominant in the running game while he was in against Houston. He played with his aggression and passion, but he controlled it as well. That’s what matters the most for Penning and the Saints.

In the passing game, there were a couple of big bumps. Against rushers he could not predict as well as his teammates, he was caught lagging behind a few different times. Speed rushes were the most difficult for Penning. He will have to make progress against those in order to make a push for a starting role this season.

Regardless, Penning had a very solid opening performance in his Saints career.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports