The New Orleans Saints’ offense in Week 10 was quite horrendous.

They couldn’t run the ball effectively all day against the Pittsburgh Steelers. QB Andy Dalton threw two back-breaking interceptions.

In every facet, they just weren’t up to par.

In the first quarter, the Saints had more penalty yards than offensive yards. Accordingly, they scored just ten points against Pittsburgh.

The Saints’ offense never got off the ground, and they could not keep their own defense off the field.

On Monday night, the Washington Commanders did the exact opposite. Not to mention, they did it against the NFC-leading Eagles, too.

Washington dominated the time of possession and were extremely efficient on third down.

The Commanders ran more plays in the first half of their MNF game than the Saints ran in their entire game versus the Steelers. 

New Orleans needs to pull a page out of their playbook from last night.

That statistic is absolutely shocking and scary for the Saints. That just cannot happen no matter the opponent.

Washington used motion and powered their way to gritty first down conversions. It allowed their defense to stay well-rested for a talented Eagles’ offense.

They found special ways to get their best players involved.

The Commanders designed touches for wide receiver Terry McLaurin and had a well-balanced rushing attack.

The Saints basically did the exact opposite against the Steelers.

They consistently ran the ball on first down. New Orleans found little success with that, but they didn’t try anything unique.

New Orleans stuck to their game plan. It was not working.

Additionally, they did not use Taysom Hill on multiple occasions for short third down conversions.

Many head scratching decisions for the Saints on offense once again. From coaches to players, everyone must step up.

As of now, the unit looks like it is sinking in quicksand.

The Commanders embarrassed the Saints completely on accident on Monday.

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