Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions just accomplished an awesome feat.

After being eliminated from playoff contention earlier today, they just beat the Green Bay Packers to also prevent them from making the postseason.

One thing was clear from Campbell. He was not going to back down against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. He was very aggressive in pivotal moments.

That relates back to the New Orleans Saints – interestingly enough.

Campbell coached under former Saints head coach Sean Payton for years.

He learned that Payton was aggressive in the biggest moments of game because he believed in his team. He knew his talent could win out.

Clearly, Campbell felt that tonight as well. Campbell has always showed plenty of emotion on and off the field, but the Saints’ impact in him and his philosophy is clear.

He isn’t going to back down in the important moments in the game, and both sides of the ball for the Lions are committed to making him look smart.

On defense, Detroit blitzed Aaron Rodgers which led to an interception. On offense, on their final drive, his offensive coordinator called a hook and ladder screen in order to pick up a chunk play.

That lead to an easy conversion to seal away the game versus the Packers.

It looked like a play the Sean Payton would have called for the Saints during his tenure.

There is no doubt that Campbell has something special brewing with the Lions. It is exciting to see what he and his staff are building after their time with the Saints.

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