How much do New Orleans Saints’ fans miss Sean Payton right now?

During his time at head coach, the Saints were a confident, aggressive football team. Now, under Dennis Allen, they play a timid and nerve-racking game.

Monday night was no different against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The offense got off to a slow start. The defense kept them in the game until the offense began to make plays.

Eventually, the Saints looked like they have in previous matchups against the Bucs. Dominant. They held control for most of the second and third quarter.

Then, the fourth quarter started.

Dennis Allen, his staff, and the Saints sauntered back into their corner with a two-score lead.

That led to yet another game-winning drive by Tom Brady. Simply put, the Saints played a conservative, careless fourth quarter. It costed them any chance at winning the NFC South this season.

Particularly, Dennis Allen had multiple opportunities to put the dagger in the Bucs. He simply refuse and coached a passive game in the second half. That doesn’t beat Tom Brady, and no one knows that better than Sean Payton.

This wasn’t the first time that Allen has shown how different than the former Saints’ HC this season, though.

It is a trend for him as he consistently shows a lack of confidence in his offense on 4th and short in opponent’s territory. 

This is a clear indictment on Dennis Allen.

Of course, Payton had Drew Brees for most of the time mentioned in the statistic. Regardless though, he had faith in his offense to pick up a short gain to move the sticks.

There is no reason that Allen should have so little faith in Taysom Hill, Alvin Kamara, and company to make it happen.

It also shows a lack of confidence in his offensive coaching staff. Not the way to provide an uplifting boost to an inconsistent offensive unit.

His passiveness has been a frustrating aspect for the Saints all season.

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