ESPN has long been criticized for their iffy NFL broadcasts in years past. However, Troy Aikman’s blunder on Monday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers clearly revealed that he just doesn’t watch enough Saints football.

In an erroneous comment on the Broadcast, Aikman said Saints head coach Dennis Allen has been “coordinating fantastic defenses in New Orleans these last few years, and this one might be his best.”

I am sorry, but this is simply not true. This Saints defense heading into Monday night sits comfortably in the middle of the pack in nearly every metric. They sit 19th in points allowed, according to The Saints sit tenth in sacks and last in interceptions. Adding insult to injury, New Orleans sits 21st in rushing yards allowed.

The Saints’ saving grace has been the pass defense, which sits sixth in the league.

Overall, New Orleans hasn’t looked very good on defense. And Aikman may be giving Allen far more credit than he really deserves. If anyone deserves credit for good play on the field, it’s the players — not the middling head coach who looks in over his head on most nights.

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