The New Orleans Saints have a lot of decisions to make during this upcoming off-season. According to the front office, they aren’t interested in a rebuild.

The Saints believe that they can still be contenders in the short-term. Regardless of your opinion on that, there’s one looming situation that must be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Sean Payton wants to return to coaching.

The Saints would have to trade him in order for that to happen because he wants a fresh start elsewhere.

Over the past week, it felt like the Denver Broncos were the front runners to trade for Payton. The Carolina Panthers seemed quite interested as well, but a deal inside the division would always be difficult to pull off for both sides.

Now, the Arizona Cardinals have seemingly slid into a prominent role in the running for the offensive guru from the Saints.

Payton was supposed to interview with Denver on Wednesday, but it got delayed. He is now interviewing with Arizona on Thursday.

There doesn’t seem to be a clear direction in the search for multiple teams, and the Saints don’t have a clear trade partner for Payton as of yet. It seems like the longer this sweepstakes goes, the more of a chance that Payton returns to television occurs.

Today, reports are swirling about a mystery team as well.

That could be someone with a vacancy like the Indianapolis Colts.

Possibly, a team like the Dallas Cowboys or Los Angeles Chargers could shock the world and move on from their HC who they have backed consistently. Those two seem quite unlikely, though.

According to other reports, the Broncos still have plenty of interest. Payton may not be ready to pull the trigger on that opportunity quite yet, though. That may force them to focus on the candidates, and in turn, move on from Payton.

Payton remains the betting favorite to be the Broncos’ next head coach.

The situation remains extremely fluid.

The Saints need to figure out the situation as quickly as possible, though. It is holding the off-season up a bit for them, and they need to know if they are getting an addition in draft compensation.

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