The New Orleans Saints lost a lot more than a football game in Week 3. With the loss, they broke the Carolina Panthers’ nine-game losing streak. Additionally, the Saints suffered multiple tough injuries. Particularly, the wide receiver core took many hits.

The team and fanbase know all too well about getting thin at WR due to injuries after last season. WRs Jarvis Landry, Michael Thomas, and Tre’Quan Smith all sustained an injury on Sunday.

At one point against the Panthers, the Saints had just two receivers that they could play.

On offense, the Saints have a lot of injuries to worry about going forward.

WR Deonte Harty and TE Taysom Hill were both inactive for today’s game. We all know QB Jameis Winston and RB Alvin Kamara played, but they are very banged up. Offensive lineman Andrus Peat has a concussion.

Winston’s injury have certainly affected his performance. He struggled mightily today, but the offensive line and play-calling did him no favors early in the contest.

The wide receivers that were injured in today’s game barely played in the fourth quarter of the loss for the Saints.

The Saints face the Minnesota Vikings in Week 4. They will need as much offensive firepower as possible as the Vikings have shown that they can put points on the scoreboard.

Regardless, the Saints have to get healthy. It needs to happen sooner rather than later if they want to climb back into playoff contention.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports