The offense for the New Orleans Saints certainly needs to find more consistency. That being said, their perceived strength has not performed how many people expected this season.

Their defense has suffered plenty of injuries. Although, many teams have, but they still find some success.

For the Saints, the same issues disrupt their defense every single week.

Missed tackles, explosive plays, and penalties haunt them.

The game against the Steelers drew a card from every frustrating pile for the Saints.

They struggled to stop a running game that was one of the worst in the league entering the game.

The Saints continued to make back-breaking mistakes on third downs to extend drives.

Most importantly, they just could not tackle consistently.

That issue flared up at times last year, but the talent overcame it. This year, that isn’t the case so far.

Missed tackles keep opposing offenses on the field and allow small gains to turn into big gains quickly. That was the case for most of the explosive plays for Pittsburgh.

Downfield throws from QB Kenny Pickett weren’t really an issue.

A lack of tackling on short throws or rushes were the downfall for the Saints. I

t is yet another adjustment that Dennis Allen has not gotten through to his defense.

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