The New Orleans Saints will have plenty of roster changes once again during this off-season.

They will have to make decisions to correspond with the salary cap, and a few notable players will probably be out the door. The Saints will have a new squad next year, and where will those players land?

Pro Football Focus predicted where David Onyemata, Jarvis Landry, and Michael Thomas will be playing next season. 

Jarvis Landry, WR: Philadelphia Eagles

This would make plenty of sense for both sides.

At his age, Landry is mostly a depth receiver for a good offense. He would be, at-best, the third option at WR for the Eagles behind A.J. Brown and Devonta Smith.

Landry was not very productive in his single season for the Saints. That was partly due to injuries.

Michael Thomas, WR: Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens desperately need help at wide receiver. Their corps has been banged up and thin for multiple seasons in a row. Similarly, Thomas has been injured for the past three seasons, but if he can stay healthy, then he would be a massive addition for the Ravens.

Baltimore needs more weapons for Lamar Jackson, and he would be a great safe, contested-catch option for their star QB.

David Onyemata, DT: Chicago Bears

Chicago could use more depth along their entire defense.

Their defensive line is especially spotty, and Onyemata is a consistent veteran. He’d make plenty of sense for the Bears and make an instant impact.

This season was a slower one for Onyemata, but he has proven that he can be a big part of a DL during his time with the Saints. He’s been quite underrated for awhile.

These are three players that the Saints may not get back in the building, and these landing spots would be smart for the teams making the move.

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