The New Orleans Saints have made another decision at quarterback for this week’s matchup against the Los Angeles Rams.

It may come as a surprise to some folks.

The Saints are, once again, rolling with Andy Dalton.
Clearly, the murmurs for change from the fans are not affecting the decision from the coaching staff at all.

Dalton has not played well in the last few weeks, but Dennis Allen is sticking by him.

Allen’s comments regarding Jameis Winston have not lined up over the past few weeks, though.

On October 26th, Allen said that the decision to go with Dalton was an “offensive decision.” He cited that the offense was performing well with Dalton as well as said that Winston was healthy at the time.

Now, today, he says that Winston isn’t 100% healthy. That went into the discussion between coaches and the two quarterbacks.

Regardless, the Saints will look to bounce back against a struggling Rams squad.

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