The New Orleans Saints are fresh off of a disappointing campaign this past season.

The defense got off to a slow start. The offense never found consistency. Injuries mangled many important pieces of the roster.

Regardless of those, the Saints aren’t making widespread changes just yet.

Focusing on the staff, it sounds like New Orleans will just move on from tight ends coach Dan Roushar.

Many folks thought they move on from offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. Seemingly, they are sticking with him after a lackluster season of play-calling.

For Dennis Allen, he was already in hot water by the end of the season on the fans’ end. The team underperformed, and he remained consistent throughout it all. It wasn’t the type of consistency you look for in the NFL, though. Rather than improvement, the team was stagnant.

So, for another off-season, the Saints are going to attempt to stick to their guns that they have in-house.

They did that last off-season by hiring Allen as their full-time head coach and placing offensive duties on Carmichael Jr.

This current move by Allen and the front office to keep the offensive coordinator is a risky one.

Mickey Loomis has constantly backed Allen, but will that continue if the Saints start off slow next season? You have to think that a rough first month or so could really make it a difficult situation for the Saints.

They could fire Allen or Carmichael Jr. (or both) at that point, but it would be a horrendous look after pushing all your chips in with them once again this off-season. You’ve set yourself back even more by then by not making the necessary moves right now.

The Saints’ head coach clearly believes in Carmichael Jr., but it may cost him his job next season.

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