New Orleans Saints defensive end Marcus Davenport has caught plenty of flak over the past few seasons.

Most of that has been out of his control. Injuries have flurried throughout his career with the Saints.

The pressure started when he was drafted, though. The Saints spent two first round picks in order to move up to take Davenport. Ever since, fans and media alike have expected a lot from the edge rusher.

He just hast quite meshed in New Orleans, and the Saints may move on from him this off-season.

Davenport’s contract is up in New Orleans, and they have had a depth player step up in his place already. Carl Granderson has been one of the young, exciting bright spots for the Saints’ defense this year.

For Davenport, his tenure with the Saints may have just had an ugly ending.

In their Week 18 game versus the Carolina Panthers, he and Panthers running back D’Onta Foreman got into a heated discussion.

That discussion led to some punches being thrown by both players.

It becomes another example of an odd move by players trying to punch each other with helmets on. That can’t feel good on the hands.

Regardless, the disappointing end to Davneport’s season possibly puts a bow on a frustrating tenure with the Saints.

He never lived up to expectations placed on him by the aggressive move up in the drat to pick him.

Davenport will most likely look for a new start elsewhere during this off-season. That makes the most sense for both he and the Saints.

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